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6th International Conference on Sport Economics & Sport 25th/26th of May 2023 in Budapest (Hungary)

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to submit a paper to the

6th International Conference on Sport Economics & Sport Management (SESM)

which will take place @KRTK Institute of Economicson the 25th/26th of May 2023 in Budapest (Hungary).

You can find all information via

A Call for Papers is attached.

Please be aware of the submission deadline: December 31st, 2022. We would be delighted to welcome you next year in Budapest.

We are looking forward to your decision!

Gergely Csurilla & Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann

Call for Papers:The conference will provide a platform for exchanging innovative thoughts and creating cooperation between researchers in the fields of sport management and economics. We are inviting proposals for paper presentations as well as complete sessions consisting out of three papers/presenters. This conference provides researchers with an opportunity to present theoretical, empirical, and policy‐oriented research.

Organizing Committee: Gergely Csurilla (KRTK Institute of Economics)

Georg Stadtmann (European University Viadrina)

Program Committee:Wladimir Andreff (Paris) ∙ Eike Emrich (Saarbrücken) ∙ Christian Pierdzioch (Hamburg) ∙ Stefan Szymanski (Michigan) ∙ Christian Dreger (Berlin) ∙ Georg Stadtmann (Frankfurt/Oder) ∙ Tim Pawlowski (Tübingen) ∙ Alexander Ferrauti (Bochum) ∙ Oliver Budzinski (Ilmenau) ∙ Bernd Frick (Paderborn) ∙ Gerd G. Wagner (Berlin) ∙ Markus Kurscheidt (Bayreuth) ∙ Joel G. Maxcy (Phiadelphia)∙ Martin Falk (Vienna) ∙ Martin Kocher (Vienna) ∙ Luc Arrondel (Paris) ∙ Jean‐François Brocard (IASE) ∙ Richard Duhautois (CNAM) ∙ Oskar Kowalewski (Paris)

Deadline for paper submission: Dec. 31st, 2022.


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