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24th Annual Meeting of the German Association of Sport Economics and Sport Management Online-Session


Chair of Organizational, Media and Sports Economics (Paderborn University) and

German Association of Sport Economics and Sport Management

Conference theme

Strategic Behavior in Professional Individual and Team Sports

Utility-maximizing individuals usually behave strategical-ly to realize their goals. Individuals occasionally violate the rules of “fair play” if this increases their probability to win a particular contest and teams sometimes lose matches deliberately if this promises to be advanta-geous. The goal of the conference is to document this kind of behavior in different contexts and to develop recommendations to avoid it in an attempt to safeguard the integrity of the respective sport.

Scientific committee

Prof. Dr. Bernd Frick (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Markus Breuer

Prof. Dr. Christian Deutscher

Prof. Dr. Gregor Hovemann

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy

Prof. Dr. Tim Pawlowski

Prof. Dr. Holger Preuß

Prof. Dr. Torsten Schlesinger

Abstract submission

Apart from contributions to the conference theme, re-search from all areas of sport economics and sport management is welcome. Please submit your abstract (font size 12, max. 600 words) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to

Abstracts passing double-blind review will be accepted for presentation at the conference. The official conference language is German. However, there will be English-language tracks as well as English-language presentations in German language tracks.

PhD workshop

Prior to the conference, a PhD workshop organized by Prof. Dr. Pamela Wicker and Prof. Dr. Bernd Frick will be offered online. Further information will be announced in due course.


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