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4th ​​​​​​​​​International Conference-Sport Economics & Sport Management (SESM)- May 16th &

Call for Papers

  • The conference will be hosted in Berlin (Germany).

  • The conference will provide a platform for exchanging innovative thoughts and creating cooperation between researchers in the fields of sport management and economics.

  • We are inviting proposals for paper presentations as well as complete sessions consisting out of three papers/presenters.

  • The conference will be organized in cooperation with the International Association of Sports Economists (IASE).

This conference provides researchers with an opportunity to present theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented research on:

  • The American versus the European league system

  • Corporate governance in sport management & institutions

  • FIFA – What’s going wrong and how to improve it?

  • Doping: Legalize it?

  • Sport Governance

  • Major Events

  • International Sports Policy

  • The dark side of football: Hooliganism

  • It’s an ultra life: The power of ultras within European football

  • American Sports: American Football, Baseball and Hockey

  • The African/Asian/Australian/South-American sports industry

  • Betting market efficiency and anomalies

  • Forecasting match & league outcomes

  • Uncertainty in match and league outcome: Does it matter?

  • Running , Biking, and Triathlon

  • Olympics: Medal counts and medal ranks

  • The impact on sport events on the city, region, and country

  • Changes of the rules of the game and its impact on the attractiveness of the sport

  • Sport & leisure industry

  • Demand for tickets

  • Demand for talents: Sport and the labor market

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